At please see below the pictures how to design your jackets. How can process your order?

  • Design your Jacket.
  • Place the Order .
  • After the Payment, We will send you order copy, design, material confirmation via email for approval and upon your approval of your order we will process in 24 hours.
  • After Confirmation you will get your order 12 to 15 days.

For the bulk orders school, college teams and wholesale business, we will give you better time frame but its depend on your quantity and requirements. so, for the bulk order email us and get the quotations with great disocunt.


11 easy steps to design and decorate your jackets. If you have any question during the design your jacket you can ask us via email we will happily to assist you.

  • Choose Body Material: We have 5 material options for body, Wool, Leather, Cotton Fleece, Satin and Poly Cotton Twill. You can choose any material for body.
  • Choose Body Color: You can choose any color from color Pallet/ Box.
  • Choose Snaps Color: You can choose Snaps color from color Pallet/ Box.
  • Choose Pockets Color: You can choose Pockets color from color Pallet / Box.
  • Choose Ribbing Trim Styles: You can choose ribbing trim style, single line, two lines or two lines with borders.
  • Choose Base Color of Ribbing: You can Choose any color for ribbing base from color Pallet / Box.
  • Choose Lines Trim Color: You can Choose any color for lines from color Pallet / Box.
  • Choose Collar Styles: You can Choose any Collar Style, Classic, Shirt Collar, Hooded or Zipper Hooded.
  • Choose Sleeves Material: You can choose any material Wool, Leather, Cotton Fleece, Satin and Poly Cotton Twill. You can choose any material for sleeves.
  • Choose Sleeves Color: You can choose the color for sleeves from color pallet / box.
  • Decoration of Jacket: You can fully decorate your jackets, you can write the letters or name and also you can choose the image for the embroidery. We have following locations for embroidery decoration:
    • Right Chest Embroidery
    • Left Chest Embroidery
    • Right Pocket Embroidery
    • Left Pocket Embroidery
    • Back 3 embroideries location, top, center and bottom.
    • Right Sleeves embroidery
    • Left Sleeves embroidery



      You can customize our jackets in any way you want, you can add your own custom logos, names and designs. Jacket’s body and sleeves can be customized by matching your brand colors. You can even customize the acrylic knit on cuff, collar and waist.

      Customize any jacket from our catalogue by clicking customize button and jacket will open in jacket design tool. Then you can start customizing jacket in your own way.

      You can click on our link and Design Your Varsity Jacket Here: Design Your Varsity Jackets

      For the material options you can choose your desired material for this option you can click on add lettering patches. How we customized our best custom varsity jackets for our clients and what they say about the products, See our reviews about our products, Reviews

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