Portfolio in Design Varsity Jackets portfolio lot of brands, musician, whole sellers, schools, colleges and team coaches. We have lot of individual clients all over the world. For the bulk orders of custom varsity jackets you can get 50% discount and free shipping worldwide. We produced custom varsity jackets in all kind of materials.

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Varsity Jackets for Sprite, USA

Varsity Jackets Sprite

Varsity jackets Made for Sprite South Percy Street, Philadelphia, USA. We used backside Sprite embroideries, Front and on sleeves direct bottle embroidery.

High School Varsity Jackets made for Stu Co Richmond High School, Canada.

High School Varsity Jackets.

High School Varsity Jackets Produced for StuCo Richmond Hill High School Canada. All Patches top quality embroidery and Individual Nickname on all high school varsity jackets. Top Quality Melton Wool Forest Green and Genuine Cowhide Leather Sleeves for these High School varsity jackets custom made as per custom requirements of Stu co School.

Varsity Jackets made of Melton wool and Genuine Leather, Patches tackle twill and Chenille Origional.

Varsity Jackets Produced for Al Rabi Football Team Chicago USA. All Patches top quality embroidery and Front AR in Origional Chenille Patch. Top Quality Melton Wool black and Genuine Cowhide Leather Sleeves for these varsity jackets custom made as per custom requirements.

Team Varsity Jackets  With custom Design of Each jacket. Design Jackets NowTeam Varsity Jackets

Made above custom jackets for Angela Song Canada. You can get our varsity jackets as it is or design online with us. Our All varsity jackets available in different materials and different kind of fabric. So, get good discount for bulk orders from us.

Coca-Cola HBC AG, Switzerland Europe

Custom Varsity Jackets Made for Coca Cola HBC AG, Switzerland. We used backside 3D embroideries, Front Chenille and on sleeves direct embroidery for all these custom varsity jackets.

Coach Duke Nifty Lions – Ave Paterson New Jersey United States

Custom Letterman Jackets Made for Coach Duke New Jersey, United State. We used backside Chenille embroideries, Front Player Name and on the sleeves Chenille Basketball with winning years.

CTM Music Group – Edmonton Alberta Canada

Custom Varsity Letterman Jackets Made for CTM Music Group Alberta, Canada. We used backside direct embroideries log of music group, Front logo and right chest flag for all varsity Letterman jackets.

Free Skull Brand – Switzerland

Varsity Jackets for men Made for Free Skull Brand, Switzerland. We used chenile embroideriesp for backside, pocket, front chest and back for all varsity jackets for men.

Baseball Varsity Jackets for Memorial County Champs Team – USA

Baseball Varsity Jackets for baseball teamsTeam

Baseball Varsity Jackets Made for County Champs Team, USA. We used Towel bar chenille embroideries for backside Baseball and wording, Front M in chenille and nickname in embroidery. Wool body and Leather Sleeves and pockets.



You can customize our jackets in any way you want, you can add your own custom logos, names and designs. Jacket’s body and sleeves can be customized by matching your brand colors. You can even customize the acrylic knit on cuff, collar and waist.

Customize any jacket from our catalogue by clicking customize button and jacket will open in jacket design tool. Then you can start customizing jacket in your own way.

You can click on our link and Design Your Jacket Here: Design Your Varsity Jackets

You can send us email and get a quote for your school, brand and teams. we will provide your manual mock ups artworks and get approval from you.

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